This service is for family medicine patients only.

Examining room


1) When your family physician asks that a telemedicine visit be booked eg. for lab or other investigation follow up review
2) When your visit does not require vital sign measurements (blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels etc.) or physical examination e.g. such as renewal of single prescriptions.
3) When you require renewal of medical notifications (e.g. physiotherapy or massage therapy notes) that don’t require a repeat physical examination.
4) Psychological counselling when pre-approved by family physician.


1) Call the clinic and request a Telemedicine appointment.
2) You will require either a smart phone, a laptop or a computer with video and audio capacity and access to a good WIFI connection at the time of your appointment.
3) You need to provide an email address or phone number at which you can receive text messages.
4) Your family physician will send a link to your e-mail address or smartphone (depending on your preference) at the time of your appointment.
5) Accepting the link sent to you indicates your consent to a confidential Telemedicine consultation. Please read the TELEMEDICINE CONSENT FORM and do not click the link sent to you if you have any questions or concerns with regards to consent.
6) We do not record Telemedicine video consultation and all medical consultation notes are recorded and kept on your charts in the same manner as an office visit.

We realize that our initial telemedicine services are limited however we hope to expand this service to cover other appropriate medical needs in the future.